You deserve your best life. Slowing the ageing process.

It is all to do with perception. Don’t confuse your self image with your identity, (or your SELF). This is how others see you. Your SELF, is what YOU think of you. Oh, how your life begins to unfold and change when you truly love who you are. Freedom from judgement. Judgement from yourself, and from others. Happiness prevails.

Eat well. Eat well. Eat well.

Whole foods. As nature intended.

Think of yourself as an energy field, not matter, not as flesh, not as a body. Focus on your energy and attaining optimal frequency. Rest when your energy is low. Nourish your soul. Meditate. Try yoga. It unites the mind, body, soul & spirit connection. All invitation’s to be present.

Change your relationship with time. Stop focusing on how little you have. You have all the time you need. Focus your energy on the things you love. Doing less achieves more. When you are present, your energy is balanced and centred. You are able to channel your energy in a more profound way.

Let go of the past. Heal from it and move on. The past no longer exists. That is why it is called the past. The only time is the present. Be here NOW.

Continue to grow and evolve. Learn. Play. Laugh.
Celebrate your successes. Really embelish in a sense of achievement. Recognise and acknowledge how far you have come. Enjoy the moment.

Stay in a state of love. Live from your heart and not your ego. Your heart knows your inner truth. Life is for living your best. To be happy. To love and be love.

Don’t react or pass judgement. Each lesson in life is a chance for learning, growth, evolution. An opportunity to heal and to move forward.

Integrate creativity with your spirit. Imagine.
Everyone has a life purpose. The universe is full of infinite possibilities. Believe.

There is not better time than now.

Your best teacher is your inner stillness.Kristy x

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