Healing fear

Fear is the lowest vibrational energy you have. It affects your healing process and your well-being in every area of your life. Nothing thrives when fear is present, except fear.

Fear feeds on attention. The more you pay attention to them, they gain power. You feed them.
Fear takes us on the path of worry. They don’t solve any challenges that come your way. Fear is not your reality! It’s thoughts.
Manage your fears. Look fear head on, without judgement. Feel it. Breathe. Take your thoughts to what you love. Stay in the present. Shift your attention to the tune you are whistling.

Return to your heart’s centre.

Plant positivity into your subconscious mind.
Empower yourself.
Fear always stems from the ego, where as love comes from your heart, your highest self.
Shift your perception and consciousness to peace. A life with out fear is just that.

Love always overpowers fear. Always.

Big love,

K x


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