An Attitude of Gratitude

As I spend the last days of 2014 in Florida, U.S. on vacay with the man I share my soul with…I am filled with a deep sense of gratitude for the fulfilling, exciting and soul nourishing life we lead and the special souls we share moments with.

I am healthy. I am glowing. I am peaceful. I feel energetic and alive.

I am LOVE.

I am living in the presence. I am living for the moment.

To me, success begins foremost – with the love and inner pride you have for yourself. How you feel about YOU.

It is not about achieving what others think is best for you or what you think looks good on the outside. It’s that inner notion that you are living your purpose and helping and empowering others to do same. To live their greatest life through living by example. The success of a person allows the door to open for the success of many others.

Lest someone mistake living your highest truth as a boast.

I am eternally grateful for life’s experiences, lessons and expansion for growth.

When you are grateful, you live in the presence…in a state of joy. You are not concerned with attaining things, simply happy for how much you already have.

Be a living, breathing example of your highest truth that resides within you.

Life is a gift and you are a gift to others.

May 2015 be the start of something truly grand.

Love, light, peace, prosperity & joy to you beauties.

Embrace the change.

Love Kristy xx

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