Live Your Life

Quad biking – Arabian Desert

Live your life for yourself. Not for others.

Don’t compare yourself, what you have achieved, or your life to others. You never know their full story, only what is presented to you. Instead, focus on being a better you, not emulating someone else’s story. Don’t rob yourself of living fully. You were born to live YOUR life.

Do not live your life seeking the approval of others. Sometimes, they do not always want what’s best for you. Only you know your truth.

Take responsibility for your life. You are the author of the present, and your future.

Focus inward. Value the attributes of generosity, humility, kindness and love.
Live through intention, and not reaction.

Stop saying yes all of the time. Yes, even when you really want to say no. Value yourself and your time.

Cherish those who know and love you unconditionally. Focus your energy there.
Start really living. Celebrate your life. Celebrate its uniqueness. Recognise its potential.

You are worthy to ask for exactly what you want.

You are worthy to live exactly the way you want.

Living for your self is a journey of self discovery.

Surrender to your own truth. You have the power.

You have the choice to be fully alive.

Kristy x

The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are. ~Joseph Campbell

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