Lemon & Mint (Middle Eastern Lemonade)

Lemon & Mint (Middle Eastern Lemonade)

Served throughout cafes and restaurants in the Middle East, the lemon & mint is a traditional arabic lemonade, although it is usually sweetened heavily with sugar syrup. I prefer mine without sweetener. If you like to balance the tartness with sweetness – then by all means dilute honey in a little warm water, and add before you blitz your lemonade.
This is a cleansing, detoxifying, system revving beverage that is great consumed first thing in the morning – but still beneficial anytime, or to sip on throughout the day. Perfect quenching for the arabian desert heat.

It is especially good for those of you who find it hard to consume enough water.

This is going to invigorate you!


serves 1

1/4 lemon juice
small handful mint
1 & 1/2 cups filtered water
6 ice cubes

*1 tbsp honey (optional)

Add all of the ingredients to a blender and blitz until the liquid and ice has separated. The consistency should be a nicely crushed ice layer on top.

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