Infinite Potential

Infinite Potential

Infinite Potential defined: This is contrasted with potential infinity, in which a non-terminating process produces an unending “infinite” sequence of results, but each individual result is finite and is achieved in a finite number of steps. (Wikipedia) 

The “unending sequence of results” expresses the boundless and unlimited potential (opportunities, possibilities) – the apparent magnitude to one, in the process of life. It is the individual results achieved along the way, through risk, lessons, learnings and personal growth that is the foundation for supporting this unmeasured, multi-dimensional potential.

Consciousness recognises and accepts this infinite realm of possibility. Intention. Co-creation of life through a holistic, conscious approach – one focused on change and growth in the pursuit of your passion, dreams and desires.

What makes us so afraid to stand in our power? To become the full potential of what already lies within us… Fear of the unknown? Worry of what others think of us? Fear of failure? Lack of confidence?

A combination of all of the above…?

Fear is the underlining issue that stagnates – that blocks the flow of life, of energy.

Fear is an illusion and usually always leaps to the worse possible outcome. It reflects the lack of belief in ourselves and our existence. It is overcome with conscious effort and through healing of old belief systems and past experiences.

It is all about perspective.

What would happen if we learnt to completely let go? To trust that everything we faced in life was trying to make us better than we were yesterday, coaxing us gently forward to our purpose, and, had our best interests at heart.

We would prosper, soar high.

Life can be truly amazing. Only if you decide to let it. When you start believing you deserve it.

Because, you do. We all do.

A positive vibration and output, results in positive results.

You owe it to yourself to live a rewarding, fulfilling and prosperous life.

The journey there is the best part.

All my love,

K x

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