Cultivating joy through kindness

Cultivating joy through kindness

True joy comes when you inspire, encourage, and guide someone else on a path that benefits him or her. ~ Zig Ziglar

Words have power when skilfully administered, spoken with truth and integrity – to motivate, to heal, open minds, open hearts and affect the world.

Their echoes are endless.

Words are love out loud, and hold an infinite number of possibilities.

They can stimulate us to make powerful life transformations and take on new deeper meanings.

They may be the key to unlock doors we never knew existed, or ones that we may have thought were closed forever.

We all share in the responsibility for the energy we bring. Our energy can have a profound effect on others. The less we are attached to our ego’s and their desire for superiority, the more generous of spirit we can be. We begin to emanate empathy and compassion with love, rather than judgement. Building each other up, appreciating one another for our uniqueness.

It is in the process of giving praise to another that we cultivate joy through kindness. The giving of oneself freely without expectation.

Praise light’s the human spirit, and expands the heart space for both the giver and receiver.

Kindness is the highest form of wisdom.


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