Energetic healing – Reiki

Energetic healing – Reiki

Reiki is about bringing you back to your natural, universe-given ability to evolve and live life vibrantly. Chakras, it’s believed, hold the tantalising ability to heal.  The power is already within you. 

What is Reiki?

Reiki (Rei – meaning “universal” and Ki – meaning “energy”) is life-force, sacred, universal energy that is channeled through the practitioner, providing a conduit to the client. You may have heard the term, energy healing.

It is an ancient tradition which originated in Japan in the early 1900’s, discovered and established by a Buddhist man, Mikao Usui.

Reiki is a therapeutic technique that allows your life-force energy to be fuelled and your chakra’s more balanced.

Reiki raises consciousness, identifying limiting beliefs, thoughts, emotions and behaviours that have led to disruptions in energy flow and coaxes the body to utilise its natural healing abilities to transmute negative energy patterns, and release that which is holding us back.

Creating a space for heightened states of physical, energetic and emotional awareness. Clarity. Truth seeking.

Reiki helps to relieve stress, enabling a more positive, centred and calmer approach to everyday situations in life.

Reiki unveils the authentic inner – “higher” self, one led by the heart, the soul.

It is a modality bringing a state of equilibrium to physical, emotional, cellular and spiritual energies. Harmonising, revitalising and restoring. Letting go of that which no longer serves your highest good. Empowering you with clarity and awareness of your energy, so that you can live in a more present and empowered way.

Deep within your soul is a doorway that opens into a world of wonder.

Reiki brings more love to areas within which require nourishment, understanding and balance.

Instilling peace.

Show me all the parts of you that you do not love so I know where to begin. ~Ava

Reiki Treatments

Reiki treatments are unique each time, and with each individual. The reiki replenishes you with exactly what you need, in your current energetic state.

Come with an open mind, and heart.

Book a treatment in the comfort and space of your own home – where your energy is grounded. A 1 hour session is an investment, starting from $70 (dependant upon your location).

Appointments can be made by emailing: naturalhealthconsciousliving@hotmail.com

I absolutely adore what I do, and love sharing with other beautiful souls.

Are you ready to start your new life?


With great love,

Kristy x

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