One pan – Asian inspired barramundi, black rice & bok choy (GF)

This dish literally cooks in one pan, yes … saving time – but, more importantly, all the flavours mingle together and the rice absorbs all of it!

The black rice in this dish may as well be called purple rice, as when it is cooked – it has a deep purple hue. The contrast of colour and vibrancy of this dish excites me.

Black rice is high in antioxidants, vitamins B, E and minerals potassium, and iron and is considered a superfood, due to it’s health properties.

Notch up the chilli as much, or as little as you like. In this recipe, I have used a long red chilli – which are mild in terms of heat, but still gives the dish that chilli flavour.


3 cups organic vegetable stock
thin ginger slices (6)
3 garlic cloves thinly sliced
1 tsp fish sauce
1 long red chilli sliced
1 cup basmati rice
1/2 cup black rice (soaked & drained)
2 barramundi steaks
2 bok chop cut in half
spring onions chopped
fresh coriander leaves
lime wedges
organic tamari

seaweed & seed sprinkle *buy in health food or Asian shops


Place the stock, ginger and garlic into a deep pan. Bring to a gentle boil and then add the rice, chilli and fish sauce. Stir well. Cover and cook for 10 minutes on a low-med heat.

Arrange the barramundi steaks and bok chop on top of the rice. Cover and cook for a further 15 minutes, or until the fish is cooked through and all the liquid has been absorbed by the rice.

Don’t overcook the fish – you want it beautifully delicate and flaky.

Remove from the heat. Scatter with chopped spring onions and fresh coriander leaves. Serve straight from the pan.

In bowls, splash with tamari and lime juice. Lastly, sprinkle with a little seaweed and seed sprinkle.


I’d love to hear your feedback,

Kristy x

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