BBQ Burgers (Vegetarian)

BBQ Burgers (Vegetarian)

Vegetarians. Are you tired of eating the same grilled veg on the bbq? Well, look no further my loves. This is a great little addition for your outside cooking action.

It’s a simple go to, that you can make ahead – store in the fridge + cook when required.

For this recipe, use a good quality mustard (with no unnecessary additional ingredients). I do typically make my own mustard, but prefer the taste of the german mustard for this recipe.

makes 6


400g plant based mince
1 shallot
1 diced spring onion
1 small grated carrot
1 garlic clove (small)
1/4 cup rice crumbs
1 free range egg
1/2 tsp german mustard
Italian herbs (good sprinkle)
fresh chopped parsley  (1 tbsp)
sea salt
cracked black pepper



In a large bowl, combine all of the above ingredients with your hands. Season well. Shape into burgers and place on a flat dish.

Massage each burger with a little evoo. Grill on a hot bbq until nicely charred.

Serve with mustard, kraut and homemade relish.

Whirlpools of love,

Kristy x

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