Sundowner Yoga Retreat – This Saturday

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Last year, I started on a new venture with two other beautiful, inspiring, heart based souls.

Health Healing Harmony Retreats are a collaboration between Stephanie of Holyoake Harmony‘, Bree of ‘Earth Sound Healing’ & Kristy of ‘Natural Health Conscious Living‘. We are all passionate about what we offer individually, and about working in collaboration to creatively share with you most exceptional retreat experiences, so that you may fully recharge yourself through yoga + meditation practices, earth + sound healing, and the most life enhancing food nourishment.

Sundowner Retreat.jpg
Photo: Stephanie Maree

Summer Sunset & Supper Nature Retreat…

This Saturday, 18th January, we are hosting a very special ‘Health Healing Harmony’ Summer Sundowner Retreat of embodied movement, mind clarification & sound healing, set in the splendour of mother nature.

This late afternoon practice session will commence at 4:30pm within the specially constructed Nature Tree Studio of Holyoake Harmony in Dwellingup. Everything you require for your practice will be provided for you. The practice will begin with a variety of embodied movement & breath enhancement and will conclude as the summer sun sets with a sublime restorative yin & sound session upon the nurturing earth. After your whole being enlightening practice, everyone will be invited to share in a sumptuous, healthy supper at 7.30pm of bodyheartmind nourishment in the company of kindred friends & the warmth of open conversation.

There are only 20 places available for this Nature Yoga retreat.  Detailed information for the sundowner including directions to Holyoake Harmony will be emailed to you a few days before the event.

This investment for your heath + wellbeing is $60. You can book your place here:

Sundowner Registration

We are so looking forward to seeing you.

With love + in good health,

Kristy xx

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