Holiday recipes

Hey there, holidays! You are just around the corner. Phew, are we glad to see YOU this year. And now that you have a little more time up our sleeves – wondering what to whip up in the kitchen? Below is a bunch of Natural Health Conscious recipes for you to try. There’s something for everyone here, so go have a squiz and let us know what you think you will try?! Of course, there is also a plethora of other recipes under the RECIPES tab. Knock yourself out.

A sweet, festive treat that can be frozen + at the ready …

A great entertaining appetiser for when guests drop by …

The colours of the holidays. Fire up the bbq + get grilling!

Breakfast or dessert?

There are no rules.

Buttery field mushrooms + brie up level this dish.

The perfect picnic lunch.

Moist, fluffy + light.

Sustainable + tasting of the sea.

We are also very excited to announce an Introduction to Astrology workshop, taking place in January at Natural Health Conscious Living’s bespoke nature studio in North Dandalup!

Hosted by Dawn Evans Mcleod, owner and founder of “Guidance Within”.

Dawn began studying astrology over 20 years ago and has been working as a consulting astrologer in Rockingham for the past 7 years.

Piecing the many aspects together, that reflect who we truly are. Explore your story in our one day introduction to astrology.

Explore your story in our one day introduction to astrology as we begin to take the blend of planets, signs and houses, piecing the many aspects together that reflects who we are. The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and other outer planets that reflect our vibrancy, emotions, thought process, actions, passion, purpose and more. Together they form the outline of your story book with its characters and environments that set the stage for new chapters to evolve, inspire and transform. 

And we’ll explore through your own personalised chart, making all the information relevant and easier to learn.

A delicious, vibrant and healthy lunch will be provided by Natural Health Conscious Living, as well as morning tea.

Tea + coffee will also be provided.

You can purchase your ticket below.

Well, that’s almost it 2020! A year of really going within, some deep soul searching, of letting go, of re-building + reflection. It has taught us that nothing is certain, or ours infinitely. That the simple things in life are the absolute BEST.

Of that, we can be sure.

Merry christmas to you! Love up your people.

Take joy in each moment you can.

An infinity of love,

Kristy x

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