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Kristy Burns. Energy Coach + Whole food educator. Founder & owner.

Reiki Master (Usui), Diploma in Natural Health, Advanced Certificate in Biochemical Processes & Human Nutrition, Certificate in Medicinal Herbs, Diploma in Occupational Health & Safety, Certificate IV in Training & Assessment, Certificate IV in Health & Fitness.


  • Pumpkin, chickpea + tatsoi curry with stir fry asian greens

    Pumpkin, chickpea + tatsoi curry with stir fry asian greens

    There are two components to this dish. Firstly, the curry itself … and then the stir fry asian greens which are cooked just prior to serving the meal. With all slow cooker meals, they really cook themselves … so pop this on and forget about it until dinner time (but, do check on your pumpkin […]

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  • Gluten free banana bread

    Gluten free banana bread

    I don’t know about you guys, but banana bread has been popping up all over my socials since the world went into isolation. It appears to be a lock down baking trend. And, well then I couldn’t stop dreaming about it … mmm When I shared this, a few of you asked for a recipe, […]

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  • Fluffy GF pancakes with caramelised peaches + almonds

    Fluffy GF pancakes with caramelised peaches + almonds

    Well, I have finally created a pancake batter that I am pretty bloody happy with (hello fluffiness!) Hence, sharing it with you.  The honey I used to sweeten these fluffy pillows is harvested from our property. What a delight to be able to taste the flavours infused by our very own trees and bees. Living […]

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  • Potato, carrot, chickpea + spinach peanut curry

    Potato, carrot, chickpea + spinach peanut curry

    With the weather in Australia finally getting “a little” cooler (the summer was long + extremely hot this year!) … it’s time to start thinking about introducing slow cooked, warming foods – that nourish. Plant-based too. I popped this on low early Sunday morning (as I knew I had a big working day ahead), and […]

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  • Eggplant + chickpea curry

    Eggplant + chickpea curry

    Bowl food is so nourishing. Especially when it’s plant based, nutritious, spicy, and served with fluffy steamed rice! This Indian inspired dish shows up regularly in my kitchen, with slight variations – dependant on what fresh produce I have on offer. Chickpeas and cauliflower also work beautifully together! As does replacing the spinach with kale. […]

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  • Sundowner Yoga Retreat – This Saturday

    Last year, I started on a new venture with two other beautiful, inspiring, heart based souls. Health Healing Harmony Retreats are a collaboration between Stephanie of ‘Holyoake Harmony‘, Bree of ‘Earth Sound Healing’ & Kristy of ‘Natural Health Conscious Living‘. We are all passionate about what we offer individually, and about working in collaboration to creatively […]

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