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Holistic lifestyle coaching for healthy, wholesome, gluten + dairy free whole foods, and living in a higher state of consciousness.

Kristy Burns. Energy Coach + Whole food educator. Founder & owner.

Reiki Master (Usui), Diploma in Natural Health, Advanced Certificate in Biochemical Processes & Human Nutrition, Certificate in Medicinal Herbs, Diploma in Occupational Health & Safety, Certificate IV in Training & Assessment, Certificate IV in Health & Fitness.


  • Merry christmas friends!

    Merry christmas friends!

    From Natural Health Conscious Living, I want to wish you a very Merry little Christmas + a Happy New Year!  2019 has been a fast, challenging year … shedding + purging so much old energy + preparing for the high vibrational, light filled new decade, 2020. The Age of Aquarius! I’d just like to say […]

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  • Bean + brown rice enchiladas

    Bean + brown rice enchiladas

    Who doesn’t like a bit of Mexican action? I always find it fun cooking, and eating. These enchiladas are quite filling … we had two each for dinner, and there was one left over for Mr B’s lunch the next day. You can get creative with the tortilla filling by adding jalapeños, zucchini, carrot – […]

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  • Raw chocolate fudge with green mandarin ganache

    Raw chocolate fudge with green mandarin ganache

    Gooey, rich + moorish. I CAN stop at one piece, as it is so satisfying! This is definitely going to be served over the christmas festivites this year. A decadent, sweet treat that has some highly nutritional ingredients (cacao, coconut oil, cashews, walnuts) + is healthy-ish! 100% gluten free, dairy free + whole food based. Can […]

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  • Essential oils for inspiring change + transformation

    Essential oils for inspiring change + transformation

    Essential oils are high frequency plant elixir’s, synergistically intertwining with our physical, emotional + spiritual energy bodies … helping to transmute, transform + heal the physical body, the heart, release limiting beliefs, increase spiritual awareness, connection + fulfilment of our life’s purpose. Emotional aromatherapy. With unique chemical structures, each oil’s properties hold a variety of […]

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  • Poke bowl

    Poke bowl

    Poke is pronounced (poh-keh) and rhymes with okay. Okay?! If you haven’t heard of a poke bowl, well let me introduce you. Poke means “to slice or cut” in Hawaiian and refers to chunks of raw, marinated fish (salmon, snapper, tuna) – in salty sauces often made with soy sauce, ponzu or spicy black-bean paste to highlight […]

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  • Asian broth with rice noodles

    Asian broth with rice noodles

    There is something terribly nourishing and cleansing about a broth. This dish is a relatively quick, hydrating, nutritious and wholesome dinner, that will warm the belly and will be easily digested in your system. A good source of protein, thiamin, vitamin B6, folate, iron, magnesium, zinc and manganese …. plus, packed full of flavour, and […]

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