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Holistic lifestyle coaching for healthy, wholesome, gluten + dairy free whole foods, and living in a higher state of consciousness.

Kristy Burns. Energy Coach + Whole food educator. Founder & owner.

Reiki Master (Usui), Diploma in Natural Health, Advanced Certificate in Biochemical Processes & Human Nutrition, Certificate in Medicinal Herbs, Diploma in Occupational Health & Safety, Certificate IV in Training & Assessment, Certificate IV in Health & Fitness.


  • Spiced dahl, slow cooked

    Spiced dahl, slow cooked

    Isn’t Sunday just the perfect day to pop on a meal in the slow cooker, with the beautiful aroma’s wafting through the house all day … It’s also probably my favourite day of the week, to get in the kitchen + cook. I find it so relaxing. A couple of Sundays ago I made this […]

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  • Chana masala with cauliflower

    Chana masala with cauliflower

    Indian cuisine at its finest! A simple vegetarian dish of chickpeas + cauliflower simmered in a thick, creamy, spicy, tomato sauce. The sauce clings to the chickpeas. Each bite is bursting with flavour. It’s hard to hold back on seconds with this dish! Adjust the heat by adding more/less cayenne + chilli flakes. Serve this […]

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  • Chocolate Chip Cookies

    Chocolate Chip Cookies

    These cookies take me right back to my childhood. My dad would make a batch of these + they would be devoured in an afternoon by my brother + I. Well, ok. Mum + Dad had a few too. I have made my own version that are refined sugar free (apart from the dark chocolate […]

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  • Feeling overwhelm + on high rev?

    Feeling overwhelm + on high rev?

    While it’s totally normal to feel a little nervous from time to time, (big change ahead, uncertainty, an event, new job, stepping out of your comfort zone, and so on…) when the occasional fear or worry turns into something you feel you cannot control, essential oils just may help to ease the tension + create […]

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  • Spinach risotto with roasted pumpkin + goats cheese

    Spinach risotto with roasted pumpkin + goats cheese

    This winter has had me craving risotto! And, I love the flavour combination + textures of the elements in this dish. So nourishing for the soul. This recipe serves 3. Of course, you can double for guests. ingredients 15-20 cubes of peeled 1.5cm pieces of pumpkin extra virgin olive oil sea salt organic butter 1/2 […]

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  • French onion soup

    French onion soup

    This could be quite possibly, one of the easiest soup’s you can make. Minimal ingredients, this soup cooks itself… It can be quite time consuming though. Caramelising onions calls for patience. It will be so worth it, trust me. You will be rewarded with golden, sweet, juicy onions + a soup with a rich, intense […]

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