My story

My passion for healing at a holistic level, was ignited through my own pilgrimage of self discovery, via various lifestyle changes and through a tonne of inner work.
I am a self declared cook. Completely self taught, with the odd cooking class or two along the way. My nana Elsie, inspired me at a very young age, by allowing me to help in the kitchen on school holidays. She taught me how to cook béchamel sauce, roasts, hearty soups and the like. These days, I am the one teaching.
Manifested, just like that.
My business, is completely made up of the things that I adore.
Cooking workshops. Organic veggie gardening. Making herbs, spices, preserves. Bee keeping and harvesting our own honey.
Previously, (in my first life) I worked many years full time in jobs (some that I enjoyed), but my heart never felt fully lit in them. It wasn’t until my beautiful Elsie (nana), passed away in 2009 that I had quite the spiritual experience/awakening and, this led to multiple changes in my life.
I had my very first Reiki session and went onto gaining my Reiki level I and II, followed by my teacher/master training, over the course of a few years. I also was having severe digestive issues around the same time and completely overhauled my diet. This in itself, ignited such enthusiasm and inspiration in nutrition.
I left my Office Manager job to run my own business at home. There had to be more to life! This included seeing Reiki clients, and running weekly guided meditation sessions. I started making green smoothies and raw food before it became cool. And, almost a year into this new found freedom, my husband was offered a position in Saudi Arabia and we grasped the opportunity (a little nervously too, I won’t lie) and we relocated. It was the catalyst to reinvent myself, or rather – align myself with the truest and highest version of myself.
I explored new ways of eating/cooking and experimented in the kitchen. I began writing a food blog and sharing on social media. I made raw treats and sold them at the markets. I ran a smoothie class for the ladies living in our compound.
I also became pescatarian. The idea of eating meat started to make me feel ill. It was like a switch went off. No meat. I felt amazing on this predominantly plant based diet. One, which I continued to adopt for almost seven years.
These days, I (consciously) eat meat again, I work from my home studio in North Dandalup, Western Australia, as a caterer + whole foods educator. And, through my own personal experiences in nutritional and energetic healing, I am committed to empowering others to live their full potential. Their best self. healing experiences, I am committed to empowering others to live their fullest potential. Th
Living a life from soul – within, not without.

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