Would you like to work with me?

Coming together is a beginning. Working synergistically together is success.

In a couple of months, my new studio will be opening + I am looking to expand my business.  In particular, I am looking for some beautiful, energetic + self motivated heart based people to join my oily team. A conscious business, built no matter your life circumstances: married, single, with or without children, working a full time job or not. It’s a job you can curate exactly how you wish.

I am surrounding myself with the dreamers, the doers & the believers. Those who walk their talk. Who live a healthy lifestyle + wish to be of service to others, empowering them to do the same.

Let’s grow together to reach our maximum potential.
We will rise by lifting each other.

Do you want the freedom to pursue your true passions + purpose? Share ideas, thoughts, lessons learned + more. We know that inspiration to learn from others is often the best (natural) medicine.

Create a different story with dōTERRA.

doTERRA pure essential oils are pure and potent, and are a natural solution to support your health + wellbeing. I have been using them for some time now, and they have become an integral part of me – both personally + professionally. They have literally changed my life – ALL for the better. I have found something other than food, that I am terribly passionate about.

There is incredible potential that comes with building your own doTERRA team. You’ll be your own boss. Work your own hours. Work anywhere you’d like to (your favourite cafe,  outside in the sunshine, on holidays, in another country). Work with other inspiring people, co-creating in a positive community.

You can make a positive difference in the lives of many, by sharing these “gifts of the earth” – high vibrational, natural, pure essential oils with others, and by teaching them how to incorporate them into their lives.

There is good reason for the hype and vibrational shift happening because of these plant based oils. They evolve with the greatest respect of the earth, and we experience them in our self care, health & wellness.

It is an industry that is BOOMING and is fully backed by transparent, scientific research.

doTERRA market through direct selling

Utilising the referrals of people who USE and love their products – instead of spending millions on marketing campaigns.

Investing in YOU.

It is a type of business opportunity that is popular with those who are looking for part-time, full time or flexible businesses. They pay small business owners, like myself, a commission for referring their products to others. This is something we do anyway! Real people, real experiences.


doTERRA is a LOW up-front investment. There is uncapped potential and financial opportunity – all a result of your own dedication + efforts into empowering others, sharing the oils + building your team. In Network Marketing, a person can multiply their efforts, skills, and talents by helping others be successful as well.

Energy goes where energy flows.

When you have epic experiences with these oils, it is EASY to share your success stories and just HOW much you love them with others… you EMIT passion and energy.

It would be remiss not to. A disservice, if I may.

AND, you will receive my full support along the way, helping you to achieve your goals + dreams.

Lifestyle shift.

Whether you’ve been following me for awhile, or have just found me recently … know that you have not stumbled across me by chance. There’s a part of you seeking change. To make a shift in your life. I believe we are drawn together energetically. To achieve something great.

My why is to serve others. To empower people to live their best LIFE. To achieve great health & wellbeing. To live consciously, courageously & graciously. To LOVE who they are.

Who is with me?

An abundance of support awaits you.

Let’s have a chat. Email: naturalhealthconsciousliving@hotmail.com + together we can help change the lives of many others, for the better.

Perhaps though, you are simply wanting to try these oils out for yourself? All good! Check out this post on how to get started with doTERRA or visit my online shop to get your oily journey underway!

With great love & wellness,

Kristy x

Authenticity. Your freedom awaits.

To become utterly authentic, we require a want for freedom… from limiting beliefs, self preservation + sabotage, from fear – and from instinctual behaviour learnt throughout our entire life.

An authentic life does not include self-deprecation. It DOES require unleashing our burdens.

Your beliefs and thoughts only have power + influence when you live them. What we bring to life, becomes our life.

Being authentic comes from deep within. Our actions and words are congruent with our deepest desires, beliefs and personal values. It is fully living as ourselves, not what we think others will like, or what we have been told to be.

Living whole + clear on your reason for being. Honestly. Transparently.
With integrity. Mindfulness. Aware + engaged. Knowing what is true to you. Being authentic in each moment through connectedness to our deepest intentions. Living in the moment, free from the past.

Honesty and transparency make you vulnerable. Be honest and transparent anyway. ~Mother Theresa 

Find things that light up your soul. I spend time devoted to my passions EVERY single day. I only expend energy to those in my life that I really enjoy spending time with (without the DRAMA), that love me unconditionally + on relationships with balance. WE BOTH give + receive. We become drained when we are in one sided relationships. The energy output is never replenished.

Stay connected with GENUINE people.

Playing nice, or a certain way to appease others – only turns into obligation and is the detriment to your soul. To your self worth. To your truth.

Don’t live for other people.

You don’t have to defend or explain your decisions to anyone. It’s your life. ~Mandy Hale

Work on your inside game, your personal growth. Meditate. Yoga it up. Have an energy session (reiki). Use essential oils. Balance, centre + ground your energy.

Cultivate the love within.

It’s time to start living the life you imagined. To do what you ought to do.

All my love,

Kristy x


If you would love an energy session or more info on essential oils, email me (Kristy) at naturalhealthconsciousliving@hotmail.com or visit the Natural Health Therapies tab on my website.

Raising your vibration + essential oils

The subtle energy that flows through ALL LIFE is commonly referred to as “chi”, “prana” or life force. We are in fact, living in an ocean of energy – connected at different levels.

Everything within the universe is made up of energy that vibrates at different frequencies, or vibrational qualities. The rate of frequency, is vibration. Vibrational frequency.

Positive energy raises your vibration to a higher state of being. 

By raising your vibration, it allows you to align with the life you want – and are meant to live, overflowing into all aspects of your life, including:

~ physical body
~ increased health/wellbeing
~ balanced energy
~ clarity
~ wisdom
~ higher consciousness
~ feeling love + sharing love
~ feelings of joy, peace & fulfilment

Many things can contribute to vibrational energy. These include, but are not limited to; nutritionally beneficial whole foods, the quality of our thoughts and feelings, spending time in nature (I am sitting outside on my property – amongst the trees as I write this. It’s where I feel sooo connected + inspired), expressing gratitude, exercise, spending time with animals, exposure to minimal pollutants and pure therapeutic essential oils, to name a few.

Doing what we love – what makes our heart pound.

Vibrational healing allows us to tap into our personal energy field to transmute and manipulate our frequency/vibration – e.g. through meditation, reiki/energy healing, yoga, chakra balancing, using essential oils etc.

There are strong links between a person’s frequency level and their health.

A tangible way, that can be achieved on a daily basis – is through the use of pure essential oils. Pure essential oils have the highest frequencies of any measured natural substance. They are a powerful influencer of moods, peace, tranquility, energy, focus & overall wellness.

The scent’s of essential oils can evoke memories – times when you felt happiest. Unbridled joy. Scent is our most primal instinct and imprints our consciousness on a cellular level.

My top essential oils for increasing your vibration:

  • Arborvitae – a cleansing + purifying agent. A warming + earth aroma, known as the “tree of life”. Use during meditation, for a sense of peace.
  • Balance – a powerful grounding blend, anchoring you to mother earth. Tranquility.
  • Citrus oils – (Wild orange, Bergamot, Grapefruit, Lemon, Litsea) are uplifting + can increase energy. Filling you with sunshine and a sense of joy.  Energising + stimulating to the spirit.
  • Clary Sage – promotes a sense of balance to the emotions. Soothing.
  • Frankincense – It’s believed that the oil transmits messages to the the brain, which is known to influence the nervous system. A spiritual tonic.
  • Lavender – a tonic for calming, relaxation + improved sleep. Rub a little lavender, diluted in a carrier oil into your third eye, or behind your ears before meditating. It will help you to relax and vibrate higher.
  • Passion – igniting your enthusiasm for life, rekindling excitement + joy. Inspiration.
  • Peppermint -harnesses focus + energy.
  • Motivate – replacing negative emotions with confidence + courage. Unleashing creativity and drive.
  • Sandalwood – helping to shed negativity + improve positive vibes.
  • Vetiver – an exotic aroma – calming + grounding on the emotions.

Ready to re-align your harmonic wellness in a natural way + get started with essential oils? I am here to help! Email me @ naturalhealthconsciousliving@hotmail.com

Or, if you are getting them feels… you can shop for pure essential oils here.

I am so bloody passionate about these gifts from nature.

Be mindful that less is more with essential oils – due to their potency. Always consult dilution guides for appropriate use.

Empower yourself.

With great love + wellness,

Kristy x



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