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Natural Health Conscious Living


UPCOMING EVENTS*New year. New you. Essential  Oils. Nature’s Solutions for healthy, empowered living. 

Date: 29/12/18
Venue: Sarah’s Circle. 23 Scott Street, Mandurah
Workshop ticket price: $15
Tickets available: Essential oils. Nature’s solutions for healthy, empowered living 29/12/18

Are you ready to invest in a more natural, healthy + tox free way of life?
Join Kristy + Leila in this beautiful space, for an intimate and informative essential oils workshop. Learning how to incorporate plant based elixirs – sourced directly from nature … pure, natural, vigourosly tested + trusted, into your daily life and routine.
Empowered for 2019. The year of change.
A heathy + holistic approach to living.
Not only will this workshop help you take some crucial steps towards reducing the toxic load of products you use within your home, but you’ll learn how to assimilate these beautiful oils, to better support you and your family’s health and well-being. Including: sleep, stress, emotions, skin, … energy – to name a few!
We’ll hydrate you with flavoured sparkling water + munch away on essential oil infused healthy snacks!
*Open to those who do not already have a doTERRA membership.
Natural Health Conscious Living
Groovy Bodies

Please contact –  for further information, or to arrange a private workshop in your home. Get together some friends + family!