Whole food, hand made with love. Please note: pick up from NHCL studio in North Dandalup. We will be in touch upon receiving your order.

Raw, unfiltered honey

Harvested from our property in North Dandalup. Drizzle on your overnight oats, on roasted baby carrots, or goat’s cheese.


Beet relish

Gluten + dairy free. Brimming with festive flavours … apple, orange, cinnamon + clove. Serve with ham, on your charcuterie board, or with cheese + crackers.


Chicken liver + brandy pate

Gluten + dairy free. Smooth, moorish + decadent. Serve with crackers, or even lovely on toast!


Macadamia + cherry florentines pack 6

Gluten + dairy free. An old favourite, with a healthy twist. Great with a cuppa!



Essential Oils

doTERRA Essential Oils

The power of nature. Pure essential oils are revolutionising the way people manage their health & wellbeing. A natural alternative. Reducing the toxic load.

Essential oils are pure extracts from plants that are highly concentrated. These naturally occurring compounds are found in nature, in the stems, roots, flowers, seeds, and other parts of plants.

These essential oils can be used in anything from; food preparation, beauty treatments, making your own perfume, energy clearing, enhancing meditation, soothing tension, wellness supplements and making your own cleaning products.

Transform your lifestyle in a more naturally supported way.

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