Essential Oils

doTERRA Essential Oils

The power of nature. Pure essential oils are revolutionising the way people manage their health & wellbeing. A natural alternative. Reducing the toxic load.

Essential oils are pure extracts from plants that are highly concentrated. These naturally occurring compounds are found in nature, in the stems, roots, flowers, seeds, and other parts of plants.

These essential oils can be used in anything from; food preparation, beauty treatments, making your own perfume, energy clearing, enhancing meditation, soothing tension, wellness supplements and making your own cleaning products.

Transform your lifestyle in a more naturally supported way.

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Over 30 plant based, gluten free recipes to cook this festive season. ​I absolutely adore the festive season, providing opportunity to cook, spend time with good friends + family, and the weather that ensues it. Sunny, hot days and balmy long nights. These two elements together provide me with much excitement + joy, and that is something I wanted to share with you.

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$9.99 AUD Natural Health Conscious Living eBook (instant download)

The much anticipated Natural Health Conscious Living Cookbook is available for purchase!

30 + easy to prepare natural health recipes, including smoothies, breakfast, mains & treats.

I hope that my recipes inspire you, enlivens my message of healing through diet and lifestyle, and raises nutritional awareness.

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$9.99 AUD Natural Health Conscious Living eBook (instant download)

Meditation reduces stress, calms the mind, increases inner peace and provides deep rest for the body. The practice increases self awareness and happiness.

Meditation can be challenging for beginners. This is why I have written and recorded a beautiful guided meditation “Elevate Your Consciousness” to help you commence, or perhaps continue on your journey.

Elevate Your Consciousness is a subconscious exploration through guided meditation, where deep relaxation is inevitable.

Creating the space to delve into your zen garden, and connect with your soul.

Elevate Your Consciousness is in mp4 digital audio format, which can easily be uploaded to your iTunes library.

(Duration: 30 mins)

Available for download for $4.99

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Meditation & vocals by Kristy Burns.

Music: Adrift 2 by Christopher Lloyd Clarke. Licensed by Enlightened Audio.